About PkOrg

The web-based application PkOrg supports the procedures of the IPP, the PEP and the vocational examination (VE), which all serve as a hub between auditing bodies, those responsible for vocational training, trainees and examination management at the various schools.

The application supports all processes, like the submission, validation and evaluation of research papers and the announcement of the examination results. PkOrg is also used for the submission of modular examinations and for the release and publication of exam dates.

The application was developed in 1998 and since then it has been constantly expanded and adjusted to new requirements.

Process Management IPP or PEP

  • registration for exams
  • submission of tasks as documents
  • validation of tasks
  • evaluation (written evaluation sheet or direct recording in our system)
  • schedule management for expert visits and presentations
  • final grade submission
  • transfer of grades according to Swiss data transfer standards

Administration of Organization of Exams

  • human resources management (experts, vocational trainers, candidates and those responsible for vocational training)
  • online billing system for experts
  • surveys (selectively for single user groups)
  • event management with online registration
  • completely customizable evaluation
  • import of candidates/export of results
  • document and news distribution

Key Success Factors

  • A Wide Range of Parameters
    In most areas PkOrg can be adjusted to the individual examination or its organization.
  • Significant Relieve for the Organization of Examination
    There is no more need for cumbersome excel sheets to manage data. Communication and coordination of all involved parties can all be done via our platform. The full history of an IPP is available on our application.
  • All Files are Distributed Online
    Participants can download all required documents from our platform, even personalized tools for evaluation.
  • Transparent Processes
    The status of each IPP (tasks submitted, validation completed, experts assigned, paper in progress, evaluation complete, etc.) can be checked at any time. All assigned personnel (within the company and from the organization responsible for examination) is always apparent.
  • PkOrg Works on Every Computer
    To use PkOrg the user only needs a standard browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari) and a personal email address. PkOrg works with Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) / Swiss Made
    The application is run on a highly available infrastructure by us. Our price per candidate has not yet been undercut by any provider of tools for examination management. The software has also been developed exclusively in Switzerland and is free of any protective rights of third parties.